Cristi Mason-Rivera Sculpture

About Cristi Mason-Rivera
Born into a family of artists–her father was a writer, her mother a world-renowned sculptor and brother a musician–the arts were in Cristi's blood from the start. Dancing from the age of four, it was in high school she discovered her love for photography and as a young teenager dreamt of pursuing a life as an artist.

After college and over the following 15 years, in addition to raising their two sons,  she continued to create in a variety of art forms, such as photography, graphic design, interior design, metal sculpture, mosaic, and of course her first love, dance.

In October 2006 Cristi happened upon a very rare and unique opportunity to apprentice with Czech master concrete sculptor, George Stastny, who was retiring and looking to pass on his knowledge of the unique artform he had perfected over his lifetime.  With Cristi's dream to pursue the arts as a full-time career she knew this was an opportunity to not only fulfill this important life goal, but to carry on the unique art form, which otherwise might possibly have faded away along with his retirement.

With the deal sealed after dozens of discussions as well as a trial apprenticeship, where their artistic as well as physical abilities were proven beyond a doubt, the business and gallery were purchased by Joe and Cristi in February 2007. Having completed a one year full-time apprenticeship learning the craft under George's direction and hands-on supervision in 2007 and 10 additional years under their belts, the pieces being created today are of the utmost quality and workmanship, following closely all of George's precise techniques.  

Though still passionate about and creating these concrete vessels,  in 2014 Cristi feels she  "found her artistic voice" with Metal Sculpture, creating fine abstract outdoor sculpture that has created admirers and collectors from coast-to-coast. Using a majority found scrap metal for her creations, her witty father appropriately began calling her "The Junk Yard Doll". Often found digging through mountain high piles of metal in scrap yards or in the remnant bins behind the shops of many a fabricator, she has rightfully earned the name.

Cristi's passion for design and the creation of her art have at their most basic root a sincere desire and purpose to help others live more beautiful and meaningful lives. "I believe this is the role of any artist, and every person on this planet for that matter, no matter his medium. By helping to make people's personal environments more aesthetic and peaceful with the creation of my art, I hope to at least contribute to that goal and leave a positive mark in peoples lives and on this planet for generations to come."

Her most favorite compliment she can recieve is that she has inspired someone else to do the same.

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