The Mason-Rivera Sculpture Garden & Art Gallery is home to the artworks of Cristi Mason-Rivera and Joe Rivera. A work of art in itself, the 3-acre beautifuly landscaped garden serves as the backdrop for Cristi and Joe's Metal, Stone and Concrete Sculpture.

The Garden was purchased in 2006 from George Stastny and until 2017 was The Stastny Gardens and Art Gallery. As Stastny's only apprentices, Cristi and Joe spent 1 year full-time learning the skills, techniques and art of hand-carving concrete, creating one-of-a-kind planters, fountains and firepots. With George's retirement in 2007, Joe and Cristi carried on this unique form and though they have furthered the line of designs with their own personal creations, the line of concrete vessels still carries the name Stastny Stone Pots.

Since these early years, Cristi and Joe ventured into and furthered their studies in other artforms including, welded metal sculpture, mosaic and natural stone carving. Their artworks, collected by admirers from coast-to-coast, is displayed here in the Sculpture Garden year round.

The Indoor Gallery features the works of other talented local artists, including photography, paintings, ceramics, woodworks and jewelry.

In the "Courtyard" one will also find high-quality Granite benches and lanterns, imported ceramic pottery, concrete statuary and outdoor garden art.

Open daily, year-round, one can come for the inspiration any time of year and can find something to take home  for their own landscape to be enjoyed for many years to come.

If making a special trip out, it is always recommended to give Cristi a call to give her a heads up. We are open daily 10-5, but these hours are "ish" and want to make sure we don't miss you!